paris panorama

"... the chapel in the (Orvieto) Cathedral designed by Signorelli was incredible. I'm glad I saw it."

- Todi, 2006

"... thanks for all you did to make the trip enjoyable. I loved it."

- Todi, 2006

"... our wonderful trip has been the highlight of my life."

- Todi, 2006

"... the hotel - so generous, welcoming and dear. Italy was fun, Orvieto and Assisi - really cherished."

- Todi, 2006

"... happy memories ... You did so much to make our stay in Provence happy and 'artful'."

- St. Remy, 2001

"... so many blues ... the Cote d'Armor sky had them all."

- Brittany, 2002

"... the art, the friends ... my journal ... I look forward to doing it again."

- Brittany, 2002

"I will never be quite the same ... my time will be spent planning how to go back."

- Rome, 2004

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We're continuing to explore Europe for Travel Opportunities and Artist Resources and to answer the kinds of questions traveling artists have posed to us.

For instance, "Where can I see the most extensive collection of works by Bruegel?" How do I get to the sites where Claude Monet painted and can you still paint there?" And "Where's the the best place in Berlin to buy artists materials?""Can we paint in the Louvre?"

So plan to visit us for answers this year. And besides the destinations and resources we've discovered, we'll link you to important sites for travel and tips.